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Finally new website

Finally new website

After two and half years, my website is finally up! The first one I had in period 2010-2012 was a non-selective portfolio, which means all the works I did, were up. After 2 years of building it up, I had some time and wanted to switch to Wordpress. Installing WP was not a problem, but getting the theme to work became a challenge. As I never did WP before, it took me some time. Even got a fancy theme, but in the end and after 6 months of periodical work on it, I gave up. So I hired Kruno to fix the StaceyApp for me. That proved to be an excellent decision! Not only Kruno did a great job, but managing it is really so easy that I actually enjoy it. Different to my previous website this one is selective, just because there are too many projects to showcase them all. I don’t think all these are the best, I prefer thinking of them as favourite ones. So feel free to browse, share and contact me for anything.





  • Herman

    revival, wall sign, light, typeface

  • Gross

    revival, wall sign, bold, typeface

  • Obli

    stencil, mono line, light, typeface

  • Slukoni

    fat, round, revised, typeface